A Message from President Nathan Hatch

This afternoon is Arrive and Thrive from 4-6 pm on the Mag Quad (aka Manchester Plaza). Hope to see your students there.

Today doesn’t feel like a day for a normal blog, so I will simply share this message from Dr. Hatch, which went to the campus community this afternoon:


Dear Wake Forest students, faculty and staff,

We are all affected in our own way by the turmoil unfolding in Charlotte. We know many here have strong ties to the Charlotte community, and the safety and well-being of members of our Wake Forest community in Charlotte are foremost in our minds. I hope and pray that goodwill can be restored and justice renewed.

As many of you know, the Wake Forest University Charlotte Center is in the heart of Uptown. We canceled classes last night, and the center remains closed today. We are communicating with those students, faculty and staff directly.

We are grateful to student leaders on the Reynolda Campus who created an opportunity last night to share their personal reflections, as well as the many community members who joined in our weekly Wednesday prayer service to seek solace in troubled times. Wake Forest is committed to helping students grapple with our most pressing social issues and we will continue to provide opportunities to do so. My hope is that we, as a society, can move forward with a strong commitment to ensure all of our citizens are treated with dignity and respect.


Nathan O. Hatch


I know we have many families from Charlotte, as well as Wake Forest families who have friends and relatives there.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Charlotte, for safety, peace, and healing.

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